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The Compass Chat mobile application management consists of a small 3-member family team of Dewald (the IT guru, also called Default), Lynn (the owner and super critic constantly on our backs) and Pieter (the system guy) therefore the accomplishments are quite amazing, bearing in mind that the application's IT design and engineering, started by 'Default' on 16th January 2021 took a record time of 33 days to complete and bring it to a fully functional messaging platform application.
After long hours and too little sleep, many brainstorm sessions, lots of coffee and even a severely strained back muscle rendering our IT guru Dewald incapacitated for a few days, the first version was completed on 11th February 2021 containing the necessary functions as per the original custom requirements.
After some testing followed by bug fixing the updated version was released on 11th February 2021 containing the necessary funtions as per the original custom requirements.

Our Team

Owner  & Marketing

An enthusiastic self-driven individual with creative, analytical thinking and a passion for people, Lynn has played an important role in the development and marketing of Compass Chat.

Dewald (aka "Default")
IT Development

A strong self-starter, Dewald has a proven track record of happily stepping out of his comfort zone, taking on any IT and other challenges, solving problems and questioning the norm. Default undertook the challenge to custom design the Compass Chat to suit the specific required network system, and completed the design in only 33 days.

Systems & Network

With solid background experience in  development of enterprise management systems and customer relations management, Pieter played a role in the App and user interface design.


The concept behind the development of Compass can be described in one word as "Compassionate" (pun intended).
More and more individuals and families of SA's minority groups struggle for their mere daily survival, with lack of the basic human needs of proper housing, education, health, good nutrition, welfare, work opportunities and good family values affecting more and more of our people.
In anticipation of the secession (break away) of these minority groups of people through international legal process followed by the United Liberty Allliance (ULA) to a new independent country, it would be essential to determine the associated needs of the people at community levels, and supply proper information, guidance and assistance to make the transition as smooth and bearable as possible.
Over a 6-month period of research in consideration of other existing possible options to create the most suited, customised network that would combine all of the requirements of the people and the service providers under one "umbrella" PLUS maintain a secure environment for mandate holders, it was decided to create the Compass Chat Application.
Extra security is provided by access with the user's unique "VIP card" details.
The Compass App will NOT be made available to the public, therefore it will not be found or cannot be downloaded from any App Store.
It will remain a "Hartland" exclusively designed app, supporting the people during the ULA's process of secession.
Groups within Compass will ideally consist of those individuals (or their representatives) of the groups' communities who have the needs, and also those who would be able to voluntarily contribute to assist in alleviating some of these conditions.
Members that possess specific essential skills and experience would be able to apply these qualities and resources with coordinated specific outreach activities.

Ideally, key required skills and experience within a group would include:
- health services,
- welfare services,
- senior citizen care,
- special care services,
- basic housing / shelter provision,
- employment
- protection
as far as would be possible and based on the citicality of these needs.
With the Compass Chat app, community groups can eventually become self-serving, and with the money we hope to generate through donations the costs and also other resources (from sponsorships) associated with the relief project can be provided. 

Community News - Coming Soon!

Here we will share the latest news about how Compass Chat is developing the networks within the communities.
We will highlight how the community is enabled to reach out to bring relief to the people through initiatives supported by Compass Chat.


Compass Chat is operated, maintained and developed solely from donations and sponsorship, therefore all and any donations towards maintaining Compass Chat and its noble cause are welcome. After the essential costs to operate, maintain and develop the Compass Chat app, any surplus monies will be directed towards the relief fund.

You would be able to learn from our initiatives how you were able to help, and read about the success stories in the Community News section wherever we were able to restore some dignity, self respect and pride to the people and provide for their basic needs, which are not privileges but the rights of every  future citizen of Hartland. 

Donate R10 to keep the development going.

Donate to:
First National Bank
BRANCH: Galleria
ACCOUNT NAME: Compass Chat
REFERENCE: Compass-Donation
ACCOUNT NR: 62887105677


At Compass we realise that the project, in order to provide a meaningful service, would require additional resources and we therefore welcome any sponsorship in the form of:
- Clothing
- Personal needs items, baby products
- Food &  water supplies
- Basic health services &  medication
- Transportation
- Temporary housing / accommodation / work (where such projects exist)
before and during the anticipated move to within the borders of the new country.
To discuss how we may best serve each other's interests and grow this community network, please contact us via the details in the"Contact Us" section

Development - what's next?

Apps have become and will remain an integral part of any individual's mobile device, adding to the enhancement of the device itself and developing with enhancements stemming from its ever demanding users' needs across the globe.
Compass Chat is no different in the approach of its scope for future development. More exciting features will most certainly be added soon such as a job portal, property portal and other grand features.
Much more is to follow once the original requirements have been fulfilled by Compass Chat in its initial role for the specific community. As the security of our users is paramount, this will always include the most advanced security measures.



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